Adaptive Sports

Adaptive Sports

Participating in physical activity after injury can be beneficial to many different areas of life and rehabilitation. Staying physically active and being a part of a team can help to tackle problems such as obesity, heart disease, and depression that are at risk of developing after sustaining an injury. It can increase feelings of self-esteem and peer support, while also allowing for positive new experiences.


Sportable is an organization based out of Richmond, Virginia that is dedicated to changing the lives of those with physical and visual disabilities through sport. Their mission is to promote social interaction and fitness through offering a range of both competitive and recreational activities. Sports include, but are not limited to, basketball, swimming, rugby, power soccer, archery, tennis, and rock climbing.

Salle Green Fencing

Salle Green Fencing is an organization that partners with Sportable to deliver individuals with physical disabilities an opportunity to learn how to fence. They offer a range of both classes and individual lessons in order to accommodate those with varying needs and goals.

Wintergreen Adaptive Sports

Wintergreen Adaptive Sports, based at Wintergreen Resort in Nelson County, Virginia, offers lessons in alpine skiing, snowboarding, canoeing, and kayaking. They also offer an adaptive golf clinic each year in the summer.

NoVA Mutiny (Wheelchair Rugby)

Their mission is to "enhance the quality of life for all abilities and lead positive social change through sport, advocacy, and service." NoVA Mutiny is based out of Fairfax, Virginia and is actively recruiting and mentoring those interested in wheelchair rugby.

MedStar Adaptive Sports and Fitness Program

MedStar, based out of Washington DC, is dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities build self-confidence, improve physical and mental health, and increase their independence through recreational and competitive sports. There are a variety of adaptive sports offered, as well as adaptive fitness classes.

Life Rolls on (Surf and Skate)

Life Rolls On is an organization founded by world champion quadriplegia surfer Jesse Billauer. Life Rolls On host a variety of adaptive surfing and skating events across the country, as well as fundraisers and other opportunities to get involved.

Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen

Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen is a 501©3 dedicated to providing free outdoor opportunities, such as fishing, hunting and shooting, to all people with disabilities.

DPI Adaptive Fitness

DPI Adaptive Fitness, located in Fairfax, Virginia, has a mission to provide safe and effective adaptive fitness uniquely tailored to every individual that comes through their doors. DPI Adaptive Fitness strives to help individuals reach fitness and functional goals by working with rehabilitation teams, doctors, and family members in order to ensure a safe but effective fitness routine.

Samaritan's Walk

Samaritan's Walk, located in Ashland, Virginia, provides specialized personal training for those with spinal cord injuries, neuromuscular disabilities, and amputees. They design challenging yet achievable workouts to assist every individual meet their own personal goals. Samaritans Walk is also now a regional sanctioned hub for USA Para Powerlifting. For more information, contact David at 804-641-9784 or, or Caitlin at 804-317-6740 or

Wheel Love

Based out of Roanoke, Wheel Love is dedicated to supporting those from all walks of life and with all ability levels through adaptive recreation and social support. They sponsor events such as wheelchair basketball, adaptive kayaking, adaptive skiing, bowling and fishing.